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Life Update: Poetry Book, Upwork, TikTok, Spring Chaos

The Spring Equinox is here! It's time to focus on getting out of the winter slump and finding the parts of us that must come back to life. My amazing Soul Care planner tells me that this is also the time of year to make my dreams a reality, and honestly, it feels like it!

I like the idea of doing some informal blogs here and there. I'm not always going to have something to teach or a story to share, but sometimes, I want to spit out some of the things going on in my life—just a couple of buddies exchanging life over coffee, as I like to think of it.

This is one of those times. Let's do it.

Poetry book editing

My goal for this year is to self-publish my poetry book. Just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt. Poetry is a look deep into my soul. It's the truth that hides the secrets I keep and the way I process my feelings when I can't talk about them—which, many times, I can't.

I'm slowly editing my poems because I honestly have difficulty sitting there reading too many at a time. I find myself getting caught up in the past a little too much. My book covers everything from before I left Michigan for Boston as a single woman in 2011 to being a SAHM mom of 4+4 in a blended family in 2024. It's a dumpster fire of thoughts, emotions, events, and confessions. A lot of battles with mental health stuff, separation, struggles, and triumphs of motherhood and being a woman. Just all of it.

Sadly, my book keeps getting knocked off track. But I think the key to finishing is to stop looking at this like it's me in these poems. I have no problem editing a blog or story with fictional characters. If I look at the poems as a story about someone else, maybe I can barrel through quickly. My March goal is to have at least Section 1 of 3 ready to go. Time to put away the Freewrite Traveler (just for now) and do some massive edits.

Upwork gig

One project that has been distracting me (in a good way) from finishing my poetry book is snagging a new Upwork gig. I get to write a children's story a week until my client no longer needs them. Each one has a lot of aspirations, positive thinking, and good feelings. They're quick and easy for me to do, which is awesome for the flexible work schedule I need.

It's not high paying, but it's creative, which I love. It helps me break my toxic cycle of creative writing by making some money in creative ways instead of putting aside my creativity to make some money. If I could find a few more gigs to stick in my schedule while leaving time for my personal projects, I think I could have a creative work schedule I'm proud of.

Pin to read for later!

TikTok account growth

And then there is this: I've been putting a lot more effort into my TikTok account to grow my online presence. I just hit 1K today (which maybe is how some of you found me!), so I could finally put a link to my website. That was pretty exciting!

I know what you think: Why try? How would you make money? Isn't it going to get banned? This is stupid! Maybe you're right. But maybe not.

There is potential to make money online in many ways. If anything, TikTok could be my connection to reaching my audience when my books come out. But also, TikTok is helping me reach a lot of stay-at-home moms who feel stuck just like me. I've made some pretty amazing connections online in the last few years. I can't imagine that was a one-off fluke.

Maybe all I get from building more community on TikTok is a little distraction. Perhaps I'll help grow some traffic to the blog. Or maybe I'll become a millionaire and can finally buy that house on the ocean and become a crazy witchy writer lady in a small town. Let's see how it goes. Either way, making video content is a good outlet for me, and I enjoy it.

Spring chaos

There is nothing quite as chaotic as spring regarding my kid's schedules. This is the time of the year that everyone is so damn excited to get outside they can't contain themselves. All the sports start-up, all the end-of-the-year school stuff starts to roll, and all of the summer plans are already on the calendar.

It's pure chaos. It's hard even to wrap my brain around the schedule, let alone worry about getting any of my work done. This is usually the time of the year I ditch any progress I make with my creative endeavors and pick back up in the fall. Let's not do that this year, Shell!

What's to come

I've been dipping my toes in all these different pools, and I think I know which areas to prioritize. This could all change tomorrow, but as of now:

  • Poetry book final draft

  • Securing more creative gigs for survival

  • Building Pinterest presence

  • Building email list

  • Building my TikTok community

  • Weekly blogs on my website

  • Google Ads (possibly, minimally)

There. Now you know my goals, and you can bug me about them whenever you feel like it. Hold me accountable. Happy Spring Equinox, all!

Till next time dreamers,



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