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The Writer

Hello! My name is Shell, and welcome to my second home. 


I'm a poet, author of kid lit and women's fiction, freelance writer, mother, and infinite dreamer. I know–it's a lot. And no, nothing goes smoothly or as planned.

I started writing when I was just a little girl, in Lisa Frank notebooks and tiny spiral journals with kittens on them. I've continued writing creatively in private for a few more decades. It wasn't until 2017, when I started freelancing writing as a career, that I got the courage to release my creative writing into the world. 


I write best when I'm tapped into my unconscious mind. It's where most of my poetry comes to life and one of the reasons I often can't remember writing what I write. I pride myself on speaking from the heart, no matter how dark or shadowy it gets. Rawness is a quality I value in writing and in life as Scorpio woman. 


Overally, I'm a mood writer, hopping around the writing spectrum as I see fit. My children's books are generally funny; my poetry is my guts on paper; my fictional novels are a mix, but mostly tragic and romantic. 


In addition to my own agenda, I also serve as the Managing Editor for Moms Who Write, an amazing writing group for mom writers worldwide, all just trying to get their words on paper. We've officially indie-published five anthologies and have a schedule of even more books coming to life. 

When I’m not writing (or sometimes even when I am), you can find me filling my heart as a work-at-home to four kiddos and four bonus kiddos. These tiny humans with big dreams have served as the fuel behind pursuing my own. I also would be nowhere without the constant support from my partner. He believes in me more fiercely than I believe in myself and loves all phases of my personality, which alone makes him a keeper. 

As a creative person, coffee, reading, crystals, candles, witchy rituals, cinema, long drives, nature exploration, yoga, Astrology, and junk food all work together to inspire my work. I'm a Michigan girl, turned Hudson Valley, New York transplant. My writing dream would be to live in a cottage on the ocean, with small writing getaways scattered in every climate. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Shell Sherwood
Shell Sherwood poet, author, mother, infinite dreamer
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