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Welcome To My Journey!

Taking a chance on a dream is inevitably one of the most terrifying challenges any human can attempt. But when living a predictable life without risk is no longer an option, what other choice do you have?

My name is Shell Sherwood, writer and tour guide through this unpredictable escape into the world of published writing. Welcome to my journey…

More often than necessary, we suppress our dreams in fear of failure, rejection, or shame. In my life this tendency has manifested into a cycle of multiple low-risk (and failed) career attempts, all to achieve a feeling of predictability and control.

I have aspired to become an author since I was a child. I loved writing. I was obsessed. And yet, I never believed I could truly hang my hat on my words. I classified writing as a hobby, a pastime, crumbling past journal entries, scrapping poetic attempts, deleting bits and pieces of creative stories I was too frightened to share–not any more.

Join me on my quest to break free from comfort and predictability to become the published author I have forever longed to be. Explore a compilation of my first works, most personal thoughts, and a home to finally share my writing with the world.

Take a front-row seat in sharing my explorations, triumphs, and failures as I navigate through the modern world of book publishing– a foreign and mysterious place. Find inspiration, get lost in a story, drop a comment or suggestion for future works. Your feedback and support is invaluable– who would a writer be without an audience?

The path won’t be easy. There is no shortcut to the best-sellers shelf. But at the very least, I can expect this adventure is bound to be an entertaining ride.

What are you waiting for…take a look!



The Writer

Welcome! I'm a poet, author, mother, and dreamer of creative works, sharing my writing journey for all to see. My work is raw, honest, and not always pretty. I cover the darker elements of motherhood and being a woman, finding beauty in the shadows despite the smoke screens we like to build to shield them. 
Take a look around–I'm so happy you're here.

Let the journey
come to you.

Thanks for submitting!

Support My Journey

Indie authors are nothing without the support of their community. Here are a few ways you can support me in my creative endeavors!

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