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My Favorite Indie Poets

Cherry blossom on a book on a bed

Staying in line with National Poetry Month, it's time to highlight some badass poets in my circle. 

Poets are a rare breed. Our brains don’t exactly function the same as other writers. We constantly think in metaphors and bury ourselves in the chaos and beauty of life. Our lack of appreciation for punctuation and grammar makes Type A writers cringe. We flock together organically; we understand the mess of a poet’s brain and revel in it. 

I never called myself a poet until I started my creative writing journey back in 2020. Since identifying as one, my life has changed. I have accepted the state of my brain during poetic spells and the art that comes from it. As a new writer, I wasn’t sure where I fit in. But once I started to say “I’m a poet” out loud, I gravitated towards my tribe. 

I met all of these amazing indie poets through Moms Who Write. Some of them are the only reason why I am where I am today. Their support, courage, and unfiltered words have inspired me time and time again. If you want to write, read, or study poetry, I encourage you to check out these collections. 

Let’s get into it. 

Allie Gravitt- prisonbreaks and Killing Ghosts 

poet Allie Gravitt

I can’t say enough fantastic things about Allie Gravitt. She’s independently published two collections: prisonbreaks and Killing Ghosts, as well as five anthologies through Moms Who Write, most also featuring her poetry and the poetry of hundreds of other mom writers worldwide. She recently launched her Substack, half-assed homsteader, where she shares her unique journey as a mother, writer, and creative being. 

Allie’s been my mentor (whether she knows it or not) and has repeatedly refueled my creative drive with her words and resilience. I first met Allie in 2020, when Moms Who Write was just a little group with a hundred or so people (now over 14K!). Allie is the founder of our group, and I hopped on the Admin team on a whim. My life has never been the same, and I am so grateful to her. 


More About Allie: Allie Gravitt is based in Marietta, Georgia, and spends her days mostly in her head, trying to keep a lot of little humans and animals alive. When she has time to breathe, she really likes to travel and play music. She doesn’t know how to write about anything that isn’t true.

Christine Weimer- Tainted Lionheart, I Got to Know Nature, Claiming the Throne

poet Christine Weimer

I also met Christine when Moms Who Write was a small group. This tenacious NYC woman is a force to be reckoned with. She’s independently published three poetry collections: Tainted Lionheart, I Got to Know Nature, and Claiming the Throne, and is the co-founder of the woman-owned and operated small press, Our Galaxy Publishing, which published the first anthology my poetry was ever featured in, Venus Rising

Christine’s words taught me that it was okay to be unapologetically raw and honest, even with the ugliest parts of life. Her spoken work poetry–which you can find on her TikTok and Instagram– is just as powerful and intoxicating to listen to. She’s championed me from afar on several occasions and her support has not only strengthened my writing but my confidence as a woman overall. 

More About Christine: Christine Weimer is a New York City-based content writer, award-winning author, and publishing advisor whose work has been published in various anthologies and literary journals. She holds an MFA in English and is the co-founder of a woman-owned and operated press, Our Galaxy Publishing, an educational and service-based platform championing inclusivity and diversity in publishing. She can mostly be found sharing her introspections on her Instagram as they ebb and flow. If lost, check the crevices of Washington Square Park—look for the disheveled lady with a toddler in tow. 

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Abby Harding

poet Abby Harding

I love the poetry that comes out of the mind of Abby Harding. Abby is a spectacular poet and fiction writer who writes while also homeschooling in the countryside of Illinois. Her poetry was recently published in Humana Obscura issue no. 8. She has also published several pieces in Moms Who Write anthologies and serves on the Admin team, where she plays a crucial hand in organizing writing groups, creating content, and getting anthologies out in the world. Abby also just launched her Substack, Just Abby, where she focuses her writing on the intersection of grief and hope.  

Abby’s voice makes her poetry come alive. Her soothing and uplifting tone adds a depth to her verses, which is unachievable if you were just to read it yourself. She’s compiled some beautiful videos of her poetry and voiceovers featuring original works on her Instagram and TikTok pages, including some of my favorite videos where she creates blackout poetry right before your eyes. 

Tristan Tuttle- A Kudzu Vine of Blood and Bone 

Tristan Tuttle, caught my eye with her debut poetry collection A Kudzu Vine of Blood and Bone, and her phenomenal contributions to The Order of Us and subsequent anthologies. I connected instantly with how she spoke about being a mother and a woman. I find most of my poetry to be on the darker side sometimes, and Tristan shines a light on similar writer/mom challenges that encourage me to push through optimistically and spiritually. 

More about Tristan: Tristan Tuttle is a writer and poet who lives in north Georgia with her husband Jared and their two daughters, Jubilee and Rejoice.  She spends her days chasing her girls through the garden rows and writing about it. Her poems are often found at the intersection of motherhood, nature, and spirituality. You can find Tristan on Instagram and Substack. She also does some awesome spoken word poetry.

More poets to come!

These are just the poets with whom I have a personal connection beyond admiring them from afar. But there are plenty of others I could highlight—ones who probably have no idea how much they touched my heart. Look out for some more poet highlights later this month!

Until next time, 

Disclaimer: This blog contains Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases to help fund my dream of being a published author and poet. I love and appreciate you so much!



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