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Busy is good–but quiet

Boy–have I been busy. You might not be able to tell from my blog, but it's true. Impact-Site-Verification: 97abb7ee-10d5-40a7-9e2b-9a411eb0d29c

After launching my website and stepping out on a limb to share my writing, I realized something: I actually have to keep this going!

I far too often will throw myself into a passion that I have been harboring, allowing it to fizzle out almost as quickly as it started. Not because I don't believe it was the right choice or that I can't make it fit in my life. But life itself can take over so quickly, and I don't even realize I've stopped doing what I love until it's too late.

Thankfully, this time around I have infiltrated myself with so many projects, deadlines, and commitments, walking away and forgetting about it all is not really an option– not a smart one. Let me tell you a little about what I've been working on so it doesn't seem as if I offered up the chance to follow a writer who works on nothing but her Instagram page:

Children's Book: The Unlucky Pennies

This little gem is my number one priority at the moment. The manuscript is currently in Round 2 of Beta readers and almost ready for a professional editor before I decide on the best avenue for publishing.

This silly picture book follows two kids, Jack and Jules, who happen upon a penny on the ground they think might be lucky–not so much. These two characters realize quickly that looking for luck is a lost cause.

I never realized how much work goes into a picture book. You sit there for 5 minutes or so and read a cute story to your little one. But you never think about the 100's of edits that go on behind the scenes, or the countless hours it takes to perfect the illustrations that first attract a child's eye. Stay tuned for updates on this story as I continue to barrel through the process.

Poetry Book

One of my newfound friends, Allie Gravitt (the founder of Moms Who Write and an incredibly talented, inspiring writer) said something the other day that resonated so deeply with me: I never, ever considered myself a poet.

Well, heck. I guess I never did either! Which, considering the number of poems and song lyrics I have tucked away in my drawers, is just ridiculous. How could I have never called myself a poet? I've BEEN a poet most of my life.

So, aside from my picture book, I'm also in the beginning stages of working on my very first poetry book. Title to be determined, with a few ideas in the works, this project has been at the forefront of my mind and a venture I hope to self publish. I'll be working on this project alongside my amazing sister Rachel, combining our two loves: writing and photography. More details on this to come.

Moms Who Write

This exciting opportunity is one of my favorites. I've always envied others who have found their 'tribe', a group of people who band together, with similar beliefs, passions, and ways of looking at the world. When I was young, I was constantly searching for where I belonged. Switching friend groups often, quarreling with the childhood friends, only later realizing we just weren't a good fit– no one's fault.

The Moms Who Write community has introduced me to the women I have been looking to connect with my whole life. The ones who understand the balance of motherhood and the creative mind. The people who support your endeavors as goals rather than silly dreams. Who talk about silly picture books with the same excitement as raunchy, gory, traumatic fiction adventures.

Recently, I took a step further in my involvement to become a part of the editorial team for the Moms Who Write website to help more women connect to this amazing group. Check out our blog and see what else we have in store!

Social Media media. I have been trying to avoid becoming a huge part of the social media world for a while now. But I'm afraid that my goals of becoming a published author, who actually sells the books I'm killing myself to write, have pushed me to the point of having to jump into the rabbit hole of the internet.

So, yes, you have probably noticed that I have upped my social media game. And because I'm still learning, it's taking me longer than I would like to put together content and make it presentable. I hope to learn lots of tricks on how to make this process quicker, but until then, it has become a little more a part of my morning routine than I would like.

I will say, that had it not been for social media I would never have met the women who inspired me to start this journey wholeheartedly. So though I don't like spending a ton of time on these platforms, I do enjoy connecting with more writers and creatives. I'm loving jumping into the #writerstowriterschallenge, where writers get to show off their #flashfiction skills by submitting 500-word max prompts every two weeks. Check out my winning piece The Owl Woman!

If you have Facebook or Instagram, you have to take a look at some of these stories– they will suck you in.


On top of all these new ventures, I still have to work. I don't do as much freelance work as I used to, mostly because I don't have the time. Typing out professional blogs for other people requires far more attention than just spewing out what's on my mind. But when I can work, I do. And thanks to the spectacular Donna DeVita, I get to work from home, in my pajamas, with more than enough support to get me through. If you are a law firm that is ever in the need of marketing services, this lady is the shit.

So that's my current writing life in a nutshell. My blog has been a little quiet but I hope to change that soon. Things are finally starting to move–and I'm ready for it.

Photo Credit: Thought Catalog



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