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Shell Sherwood | Poet | Author | Mother | Dreamer

Welcome! I'm a poet, author, mother, freelancer, and dreamer of creative works. I love empowering women to follow their dreams. That’s why I’m sharing my chaotic journey on the path to achieving my own. 

I chat about poetry, writing, motherhood, mental health, and creative living as a parent. My work is raw, honest, and not always pretty. I don’t hold back nor sugarcoat my emotions. I write from the heart–it’s all I know how to do. 


Consider me your honorary Poet & Mom Writer Friend.

Take a look around–I'm so happy you're here.

Support My Journey

Indie authors are nothing without the support of their community. Here are a few ways you can support me in my creative endeavors!

Pango Books

Help get rid of all these used books around my house.


Look out for upcoming projects posted on Kickstarter.

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Keep my creative juices flowing...or keep me alive. 

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