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Shell Sherwood, poet, author, mother, infinite dream

Welcome! I'm a poet, author, mother, freelancer, and dreamer of creative works. I love empowering women to follow their dreams. That’s why I’m sharing my chaotic journey on the path to achieving my own. 

I chat about poetry, writing, motherhood, mental health, and creative living as a parent. My work is raw, honest, and not always pretty. I don’t hold back nor sugarcoat my emotions. I write from the heart–it’s all I know how to do. 


Consider me your honorary Poet & Mom Writer Friend.

Take a look around–I'm so happy you're here.

Let the journey come to you.

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It's my dream to indie publish my first poetry collection. Your support means the world. Thank you!

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I love giving books a second chance at life. Check out my collection of used books for sale on my Pango Bookshop to find your next favorite, cost-effective read!

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